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Saint-Pierre and Miquelon on the air

Caroline Dujardin, founder of Editions Mon autre France was Marie Sorbier's guest on February 8, 2021!

The publishing house drew attention of Radio France Culture!

France Culture is the French national public cultural radio station of the Radio France group. With an audience of 1,563,000 listeners per day, it offers an analysis of economic, historical, political, literary and scientific French and international news.

At the start of 2021, journalist Marie Sorbier interviewed Caroline Dujardin on the reasons for opening a publishing house in the smallest French overseas territory located in the North Atlantic : Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

Will this visibility be used to boost sales of our books? The future will tell us, especially since it corresponds to the moment when the works are referenced on the largest reference databases of French booksellers and librarians.

The title of the article made a lot of people react. The editor mentioned local points of sale, including a hardware store located in Miquelon. It should be noted that the archipelago has a unique and valuable bookshop and several points of sale.

The health situation is doing a lot of harm to the publishing house, but so is the isolation. The lack of tourists who block local sales, the brakes on transport costs, postage, customs, as many costs as the MEs located in France do not have.

You have to be really in love with the archipelago to produce from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon as well as to buy products from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon arriving from here.

So many obstacles to overcome again and again before making the modest publishing house sustainable.

Here is the link of the show that will take you 7 minutes of your time: émission.

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